Intelligent Atmosphere Wake up Lamp

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Clock and Alarm

Never lose track of time again with the built-in clock and alarm function. The sleek LED display provides a clear view of the time, allowing you to stay on schedule. Set personalized alarms to wake up refreshed and start your day right.

pp-Controlled Convenience

Take control of your device's functions from the palm of your hand with the dedicated app. Whether it's adjusting alarm settings, managing charging preferences, or customizing lighting options, the app offers intuitive control for a seamless user experience.

Beyond the Basics
This device goes beyond its primary functions. Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes through the integrated speaker, ensuring a rich audio experience. Need to take a call or conduct a virtual meeting? The built-in microphone ensures clear communication without the need for additional accessories.

Wireless Fast Charging

Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and slow charging speeds. This wireless charger boasts lightning-fast charging capabilities, ensuring that your compatible devices are powered up swiftly and efficiently. Our G-station works with all smartphones that support wireless charging.

Stylish Illumination

Enhance your space with the Multifunctional Wireless Charger Alarm's stylish ambient lighting. Choose from an array of customizable colors to match your mood or décor, creating a soothing ambiance in any room.